"We’ve always received quality printing from the Lewiston Tribune. As a 128-year-old newspaper and publisher of dozens of publications, well-printed products are a critical component in our company’s continued success and growth. The people working in the prepress/press room departments communicate in a professional and timely manner"
Developer Production/Graphic Designer, Idaho County Free Press/ The Shoppe
"It’s almost been a full year since we started using TPC Commercial Printing in Lewiston and we couldn’t be happier. We have been very pleased how your staff has gone above and beyond to improve the quality of changes, bought some expensive software and improved the entire look of our paper. We are very pleased with the quality of the printing of our weekly paper as well as our special issues and other projects. The paper is delivered promptly and neatly. Along with the superb printing, great customer service, willingness to improve, we have also made substantial savings with the reduced costs! Thank you for the great partnership"
Barbara Powers
Publisher, The Exchange, Bountiful Life, Horse Previews
"The first priority for our 4,500- circulation weekly is a quality product, and TPC is No. 1 with full-color capability on every page and strong consistency. Our second priority is dependability, being 165 miles from Lewiston. TPC has never missed a beat. Our third priority is problem solving, when occasionally a problem arises. The TPC crew communicates well and makes us a No. 1 priority. We’re a very satisfied customer"
Tom Grote
Publisher, The Star News
"After a fire at our printing shop in 2012 left us with a heavily damaged, old printing press, we decided to hire the Lewiston Tribune to print our paper, The Clearwater Tribune. We’ve never looked back. We had been having special editions printed at the Lewiston Tribune for a few years before the fire, and following the fire, turning to the Lewiston Tribune for our printing needs was an easy decision. The Lewiston Tribune made the transition seamless and we can always expect a superb printing job with every issue and special edition they print for us. We are always treated with top-notch professionalism. We couldn’t ask for better service from TPC"
Marcie Stanton
Publisher, Clearwater Tribune
"The staff and management of Tribune Publishing have long provided Tri-State Outfitters with much more than a service. We’ve come to depend on them more like “business partners” thanks to their superior product printing and responsible, caring customer service."
Shane O’Donnell
Manager, Tri-State Advertising
"The Moneysaver has been printed at Tribune Publishing since the 1990’s. Working with the prepress and printing staff has been a good experience. Since the beginning they have demonstrated their concern to deliver a publication that we are proud of. With the Man Roland press we are able to accommodate our customer’s demand for full color on all pages. The Tribune’s commitment to be on the cutting edge with their equipment is of great benefit for the Moneysaver"
Diane Johnson
Publisher, Moneysaver
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